-A Bleak Future for Urban (2018)
-There’s Only One A10 (2015)
-Concrete Balance 2 (2014)
-Concrete Balance (2013)

For Alma (2016) - Partnership with the ICA for Channel 4 Random Acts
When It Was Me Redux (2016)
RBY Idents (2015)
EN3 Idents (2013)

Selected Creative Credits
Pulse Films/Lit City Trax, BBCArts, Topsafe/Marathon Artists, Fashion East/Roxanne Farahmand, Martine Rose, Vice Magazine, WAD Magazine, clubcouture, Ace Hotel, Oozee, Dazed, Trip, Re-Bel, Document Journal, LOGO.

Press / Screenings
Screening - For Alma - Playback Random Acts Nationwide Tour
Screening - For Alma - Social Creative Network @ Croydon Arts Store
Guest Speaker - Culture in a Changing City @ Rich Mix
Guest Speaker - Live w/ Adrian Chiles @ Radio 5
Guest Speaker - Making It, Millennial Creatives and the Digital Revolution @ ICA
Interview - Millennial Film Makers @ T2 The Times
Interview - Millennial Film Makers Peer Ahead @ Sight & Sound Magazine

Selected Writing
[As Assistant Editor of Re-Bel Magazine]
Re-Think… Funding for the Rich, What’s left for the poor?
Re-Think… Greg De Cuir Jr “Black Man, New Generation”
Re-Think… Nickin from Harvey Nicks
Re-Think… Look Soft Act Hard
Re-Think… Binghao Wong - Cornucopia (The Killjoy’s Last Dance)
Re-Think… Jaiden James - African Man
Re-Think… Synthetic Sex in Partnership w/ Tenga and Anton Hjerstedt
Re-Think… Parxism
Re-Think… Fail-Shaming
Re-Bel Talks… Gary Aspden
Re-Bel Talks… Espectral N.A.A.F.I
Re-Bel Talks… Melanie Matranga
Re-Bel Talks… Rachel Noble
Re-Bel Talks… Bladee
Re-Bel Talks… Rushmore
Re-Bel Talks… Martine Rose
Re-Bel Talks… Roxanne Farahmand
Re-Bel Talks… London Calling Film Directors
Re-Bel Talks… Dornik

Dazed and Confused - State of the Nation Series - Gentrification and London’s LGBTQ Bashment Scene
Philosophy Magazine - Controlled by the People


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